Treating covid through stemcells

Post-COVID-19 complications have emerged as a grave issue globally. The individuals who have recovered from the disease are now wrestling with complications and are unable to get treatment due to the absence of adequate information about post-COVID-19 neurological complications. Due to the random genetic drift of the virus, the vaccine production for treating COVID-19, particularly in severe cases, is not at par with the ailment. Therefore, stem cell therapy can be used as an emerging tool in improving these symptoms. Simultaneous with the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, USA, China, Jordan, Iran, and various other countries’ governments have initiated stem cell-based therapy clinical studies for treating COVID-19 individuals with acute respiratory difficulties.

Treatment Of COVID-19 Using Stem Cells

Presently, at least 60 MSC-based clinical trials for going on for the treatment of individuals infected with coronavirus. ( MSCs, due to their immunomodulatory and regenerative features, have attracted attention for clinical trials. They can shield alveolar epithelial cells, repair the pulmonary microenvironment, avert pulmonary fibrosis, and aid the cure to injured lungs. In a study by Mahendiratta et al., mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from various sources (bone marrow, umbilical cord, exosomes, and even cardiosphere derived cells) displayed efficacy in individuals with severe COVID-19 infection and clinical trials have been initiated for the same.

Another study by Wu et al., indicates the use of mesenchymal stem cells on various animal models, which have shown excellent safety profile and improved lung function.

Various neurorehabilitation programs have been anecdotally indicated to improve neurocognitive symptoms.

At Advancells Group, we have treated various individuals who were suffering from COVID-19. 60-70% efficacy rates were found in individuals after the 2nd and 3rd dose of stem cells administration. Various challenges are still to be combated with when it comes to the treatment of Covid-19 by stem cell therapy such as the appropriate stage of administration of stem cells and the right amount of stem cells to be injected, nevertheless, various reports of clinical use of stem cells to treat COVID-19 have indicated positive results especially MSCs-based products, this, in turn, provides evidence that stem cell therapy is an alternative and effective option to treat COVID-19 patients.


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