KOSHEEKA is powered by Advancells: India’s premier regenerative medicine solution provider. We provide authentic, high quality, standard primary cells required for scientific research and breakthrough in the field of healthcare. Primary cells and cell cultures have become indispensable for various applications such as drug testing, cytotoxicity, imaging, analytical techniques etc. in an exponentially growing life-sciences industry. We are geared to fulfil this demand of precise and high standard cells for research purpose.

Our cell processing and storage unit is ISO 9001:2015 certified and GLP accredited. We are committed to providing quality products and services to the life-sciences community.

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Vipul Jain

Founder and CEO

Over 12 years experience in healthcare marketing. With background in Medical Tourism, Vipul has extensive contacts in the medical community across the world.

Dr. Sachin Kadam


Over 14 years of experience in clinical research and development of stem cells. He completed his post doctoral work at John Hopkins University, USA.

Shraddha Gautam

Head of Lab

With 14 years of onsite research & development experience in Stem Cells Biology, Shraddha has expertise in Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology and Immunotherapy Operations.

Meenu Jain

Head – Digital Marketing

Meenu takes charge of the digital presence & marketing for KOSHEEKA. She is highly competent in Social Media and Search Engine aspects of digital marketing.

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Upon receiving the package, cryopreserved cells should be immediately transferred from the dry ice shipping container to a liquid nitrogen storage tank. In the unlikely event that no dry ice is left in the package upon receipt, thaw and use the cell immediately. Please note that storing the cells at -80°C can cause irreversible damage to them.

Always remember slowly freezing and rapid thawing is the key for successful revival of cryopreserved cells. Post removals from liquid nitrogen immediately thaw the cryovial of cells in a 37°C water bath. Remove the cryovials from water bath when there some ice crystals are still remaining in the vial. Usually this entire procedure of thawing takes about 1-2 minutes. Make sure to sufficiently dilute the DMSO after thawing cells before centrifugation (only at very low speed). As far as possible avoid centrifugation post revival.

Once you receive the cells please go through the safety data sheet for procedural details. We also suggest which medium to be used / cells grow better. We recommend same medium for growth of cells in your lab.

Primary cells will never be 100% pure, however, we try to get the cells as pure as possible.

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