Kidney Fibroblasts


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Isolated from human kidney biopsies, these fibroblasts are adherent-dependent cells cultured on gelatin-precoated flasks and are transported in adherent form only. These cells can be expanded up to 3-4 population doublings. These cells are tested for negative expression of Von Willibrand Factor and factor VIII and alpha-smooth muscle actin. These cells are used for in vitro assays and toxicological studies. Recently, there role in organ regeneration is also defined.

Available Formats:

Proliferating: ≥500000 viable cells shipped in appropriate growth medium (T25 Flask).

Cryopreserved: A cryogeneic vial containing ≥500000 cells


Product Category: Homo Sapiens, Human
Product Type: Adherant suspension cells
Drived From: Adult Human Lungs
Cell Morphology: Polygonal, cobble stone shaped morphology
Culture and Growth Properties: Anchorage dependent population
Passage No: P2
Mycoplasma: Not Detected
Hepatitis B: Not Detected
Hepatitis C: Not Detected
HIV-1: Not Detected
Bacteria, yeast and other fungi: Not Detected
Positive for: Pan Cytokeratin
Negative for: TE-7


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