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Kosheeka has always been on the forefront of cell culture research with strong emphasis on primary cell and stem cell culture. With an overwhelming response of 700+ registrations for our recent One Day International Symposium on Advances and Future in 3D Cell Culture, we are another step closer to sharing cutting-edge advanced research knowledge with academic and industrial researchers worldwide. Kosheeka believes in assuring enhanced research efficiency through efficient discussions and interactions in the biomedical and clinical research community.

If you are looking forward to know more about cell culture research domains that interest you, here is your chance! Fill our form and suggest us your cell culture interests so that we can bring you the next advanced webinar session with international experts in your specific research interests.

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One Day International Symposium On Advances & Future In 3D Cell Culture

Prof. P K Suresh
Professor HAG
SBST, VIT, Vellore 

Prof. Tuli Dey
Asst. Prof.
IBB, Pune University

Dr. Sivarajan T,
John Hopkins University, USA.

Dr. Christophe Chesne
Wepredic, France

Prof. Falguni Pati
Associate Prof.
IIT Hyderabad


KOSHEEKA is powered by Advancells: India’s premier regenerative medicine solution provider. We provide authentic, high quality, standard primary cells and stem cells required for scientific animal cell culture research and breakthrough in the field of healthcare. Primary cells and cell cultures have become indispensable for various applications such as tissue culture, bioscaffolds, drug testing, cytotoxicity, imaging, analytical techniques etc. in an exponentially growing life-sciences industry. We are geared to fulfil this demand of precise and high standard primary stem cells for research purpose with our customized tissue-specific, species-specific, and disease-specific primary and stem cells.

What People Said About Our Last Webinars


Gaurav Khare
The webinar on cell culture was quite informative and I liked the presentation of the speakers. Learned several new insights into the field of cell culture and its essential products.


Sumit Saha
I like the Q&A section of all the Kosheeka Webinars that I have attended so far. My questions were duly answered with good information from the panel members.

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