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2-Day Certificate Course in Cell Biology (8th & 9th June) Course Fee: Rs. 2999/- only


    2-Day Certificate Course in Cell Biology (8th and 9th June)

    Course Fee: Rs. 2499/- only (Early Bird Discount valid till 31st May)
    After 31st May: Rs.2999/-

    Kosheeka is happy to bring the latest scientific and technological advancements in cell biology at your doorstep; on a special demand. As we all are aware with the fact that scientific advancements and interdisciplinary research networks are evolving exponentially to explore new facets of cell biology that can in turn reveal their therapeutic potential.

    Through this course, we have tried to bring forth the history and basic biology of cells, advanced research techniques, and their therapeutic potential; shaping the future of personalized medicine. You will hear from eminent scientists and medical researchers from some of the prestigious institutes that are at the frontiers of the field.

    Join us to learn what has already been accomplished, what challenges remain and what medical breakthroughs may lie ahead! 

    Our experts will focus on the key applications to accelerate your research, further ensuring a great career path. Register for them below

    Lecture Day 1 (8th June 2020)

    Basic Principles of Cell Biology and Applications in Health Sciences by Dr. Swaroop Kumar Pandey (9.30 AM -12.15 PM)

    Great product performance and therapeutic outcome can be achieved through advanced technologies with convenient features; making your task easier. We at Kosheeka are constantly innovating new ways to give you best scientific tools to increase your efficiency and performance. We are sharing our expertise in

    • Advanced In Vitro Models
    • Drug Discovery
    • Drug Screening
    • Toxicity Analysis
    • Pharmacology & Pharmacovigilance
    • Vaccine Development
    • In Vitro Toxicity Analysis

    Challenges encountered during day to day cell-culture operations and advanced solutions to tackle them by Dr. Siddharth Pandey( 12:20 PM- 13:00 PM)

    Cell culture use continues to increase beyond biological research with novel clinical applications in personalized medicine and cellular therapy. Cultivating these physiologically relevant cell types requires stringent conditions and heightens concern regarding the perils of contamination

    • Method of isolation of cells from tissues
    • Contamination: Bacterial, Viral and Mycoplasma
    • Cross Contaminations of cell lines
    • Endotoxins

    Advanced methodologies to deal with the challenges by Dr. Nidhi Jain, Beckman Coulter, Bangalore(13:45 PM to 15:00 PM) 

    Separating right cell from a pool of variety of mighty bio-dynamic tools is a very challenging step in cell culture. This session will examine the role of different advanced technologies that are currently being used worldwide to separate cell of desired type. In this session, state of the art techniques related to quality control will also be discussed.

    • Molecular Biology, PCR, rt-PCT
    • Real Time PCR,
    • Flow Cytometry
    • Magnetic Cell Sorting
    Dr. Anup kale

    The present era of nanomedicine and structural biology by Dr. Anup Kale, Head, School of Biology, MIT World Peace University(15:05 PM to 17: 30 PM) 

    If you wish to get a thorough overview of exciting and emerging discipline of nanomedicine that is already starting to transform conventional therapeutics with modern healthcare solutions; developed to bring in the change. The course will focus on the impact of nanotechnology on the healthcare, including its role in targeted drug delivery, tissue engineering, biosensing etc.

    • Introduction to nanomedicine
    • Use of nanoparticles and current applications in diagnostics (Including MRI, CT-Scan, PET, SPECT, and Biophotanic Modalities)
    • Current advanced strategies to overcome limitations in drug delivery.
    • Nanoparticles as effective drug delivery systems
    • Discussions on queries and doubts

    Lecture Day 2 (9th June 2020)

    Dr. Punit Prabha Mehta

    Overview of different types of cells, such as stem cells, primary cells and their applications (10:10 AM to 13:00 PM)- Speaker Dr. Punit Prabha Mehta

    Stem cells are the new bio-regeneration tools holding a great promise for the treatment of variety of medical conditions. Learn about different research techniques that can be implemented to find out how stem cells can offer cures; and opening new avenues of personalized medicine.

    • Overview of different types of stem cells and its application in diagnosis
    • Stem cells and therapeutic applications
    • Difference between Autologous and Allogenic transplants
    • Autologous sources
    • Allogenic sources
    • Platelet rich plasma and its applications in cosmetic conditions
    Dr. Sachin kadam

    Scaffolds, 3D printing and biofabrication (13:30 PM to 17:00 PM) – Speaker Dr. Sachin Kadam

    Recent advances have allowed for three-dimensional printing technologies to be applied to biocompatible materials, cells and other supporting material; further creating 3D bioprinting and regenerative medicine.. The session details the current advances, applications, limitations and future of 3D bioprinting using stem cells, by organ systems.

    • Introduction
    • Development of scaffolds for cellular growth
    • 3D printing, Ink jet bioprinting, microextrusion bioprinting
    • Development of in vitro model to mimic in vivo conditions
    • Different scaffolds available to date; and its applications

    Lab Tour and Practical Demonstration by Shraddha Singh Gautam