Swine Origin Primary Cell

Swine/porcine is considered to be one of the most valuable models for obtaining primary cells/stem cells for their applications in clinical studies as well as pre-clinical studies, due to their physiological as well as anatomical similarities to those of humans. The in vitro swine models are extensively used for understanding relevant pathophysiology in the case of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, with atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia, due to their similarities with humans in terms of cardiovascular anatomy and lipid metabolism profiles. The model also has high-throughput DNA sequencing

homology and chromosome structure with that of humans. The primary swine cells are established from different body tissues of swine, ethically sourced from our official partner; including kidneys, liver, small intestine, trachea, lungs, alveoli, mammary gland, etc. The primary cells obtained from the above-mentioned tissues are specifically applied in gene expression analysis, drug susceptibility, and cell physiology.

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Swine Primary Pancreatic Islets Cells Swine Primary Renal Fibroblasts Swine Primary Intestinal Fibroblasts
Swine Primary Hepatocytes (Plateable/Non-plateable) Swine Primary Lung Alveolar Cells Swine Primary Skeletal Muscle Fibroblasts
Swine Primary Bone Osteoblasts Swine Primary Cardiac Fibroblasts Swine Primary Dermal Fibroblasts
Swine Primary Cardiomyocytes Swine Mesenchymal Stem Cells Swine Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells