Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is identified to be the most recently emerging branch of medical sciences, which has gained tremendous attention in recent years, due to its potential to tackle multiple issues, including functional restoration of tissues. Ever since their discovery, they have been the object of great excitement and much controversy amongst the scientific world and the general population. While stem cell research is heading toward being used as a mainstream treatment, it is important to understand the different flavors of its potency and current applications in biomedical science; as well as Kosheeka’s contribution towards the same.

Every day, researchers are coming up with new surprises with stem cell research, adorning our understanding of the human body and how we can transform our approaches to medicine. Currently, stem cell research has essentially grown to the level, where researchers are trying to understand the underlying pathophysiology of the disease, several important factors to be responsible for regulating stem cell proliferation, differentiation, self-renewal, and further tapping their enormous potential for therapeutic benefits. Some of the major research zones, where stem cells are more generously studied are:

  • Normal Human Development
  • Drug discovery
  • Cellular replacement
  • Endogenous self-repair systems

What are the advantages of using stem cells?

Stem cells are known as researcher’s delight due to multiple advantages that outweigh their regulatory obligations for therapeutic applications, and they can be noted as;

  • Stem cells are already characterized for their stem cell markers as defined by ISCT/DCGI standards./li>
  • With increasing popularity, more and more scientists are working on stem cells with greater results comparability amongst the large populations./li>
  • With an increasing understanding of mass-scale production of these stem cells, researchers can increase the consistency of cells, further reducing donor and source-dependent effects./li>
  • Increased availability of stem cells from a wide database of tissues that are practically thrown, like extra-embryonic fetal tissues as per regulatory standards./li>
  • Availability of suitable growth medium for your process and regulatory requirements that is essential for optimum growth performance and maintenance of multipotent cells./li>

Further to the same, it needs to be noted that for clinical applications of stem cells and related products, it is very important to maintain cellular consistency for viability, morphology, and secreted growth factors.

Our GMP standards maintained for pharmaceutical-grade stem cells enable us to serve the growing demands of stem cells, achieved with the help of streamlined systems and documentation. This will further help us to gain maximum customer satisfaction and reduce the regulatory burden in a stipulated time frame.

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