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Custom Cell Solutions

We understand that to cater to the wide demands of cell sciences and technology; and to fulfill this demand, we are serving a wide arena of the portfolio. Our decades of experience and expertise in isolating primary cells from different types of tissues of human as well as animal origin; hence, we are known for our customer-centric approach. You can just tell us your requirements, and we will tailor our services to client-specific needs.

Cell Based Manufacturing Platforms

Our objective is to help scientific research around the world by offering high-quality human cell culture and cell biology products, supplied by experts who are equally enthralled by their subject.
Helping scientists discover more every day by providing them with a strong platform for scientific breakthrough.

Scientific Support

Expert support can be the difference between ordinary experimental results and extraordinary ones. It can make your research faster, simpler, and more effective. 

We offer expert advice to help you find the right products and use them in your daily lab work, based on 30 years of experience across a huge range of research areas.

Commitment and Excellence

We understand that the quality and excellence are the two important parameters that should be incorporated into the system while developing a new drug, cell therapies, cosmetic active ingredients like exosomes as well as a range of primary cells and customized media. As we believe that today’s research and the bench work are critically important to transform tomorrow’s healthcare; and to ensure that this step goes well, we identify potential risk factors at each step, right from raw material to the end product.

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