Skin-Derived Primary Cells

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Skin-Derived Primary Cells

The skin-derived primary cells refer to the cells isolated directly from the skin tissues of your choice of species. Unlike cell lines which have been immortalized and can continuously divide in culture, primary cells have a finite lifespan and can only undergo a limited number of cell divisions, before reaching senescence. However, these primary cells derived directly from skin, serve as valuable tools for understanding skin biology, studying various kinds of skin diseases, and developing therapeutic interventions. They provide a more physiologically relevant model as compared to cell lines, enabling researchers to study specific skin cell types in their natural context; further contributing to advancements in dermatology, wound healing, and regenerative medicine.

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    Microvascular dermal Endothelial cells Adult

    Cat No: #0506HU00

    Adult Microvascular Dermal Endothelial Cells are isolated from the blood vessels of human skin. While dermal endothelial cells perform the function of endothelial cells elsewhere in the body...

    Epidermal melanocytes Fetal

    Cat No: #0512HU00

    Found in the epidermis, Epidermal Melanocytes are pigment-secreting cells responsible for producing melatonin, which gives skin its colour. These cells are used to study the effect of UV...