Reproductive System-Derived Primary Cells

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Reproductive System-Derived Primary Cells

The existence of a putative cell population in the male germ line tissues is well proved in recent studies. These cells are primarily used as precursor cells in various in vitro as well as preclinical studies; supporting the basis of life-long production of male germ cells that can be used for therapeutic applications. Studies have further confirmed that these cells play a very important role in preserving male fecundity. For all your in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo research, we are offering cells from the male reproductive system that are isolated from specifically required tissue sources.

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    Vaginal epithelial cells

    Cat No: #0608HU00

    Seminal vesicles microvascular endothelial cells

    Cat No: #0907HU00

    Isolated from the smallest vessels of the seminal vesicle, these cells form excellent models to study the male urinary and reporductive systems. These cells also play an important...