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Intestinal Fractions S9

The intestinal subcellular fractions commonly refer to different organelles and structures isolated directly from the intestine of your choice of species through a process of homogenization. With the help of this technique, you will be able to gain access to a variety of subcellular fractions depending on their size, density, permeability, and other physical properties. The resulting fractions are loaded with a complex of particular enzymes that are required for drug toxicity studies.

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    Intestine Microsomes Pooled Mixed Gender

    Cat No: #0704HU00

    Our Human Intestine Microsomes (Pooled, Mixed Gender) represent a valuable resource for researchers in the fields of drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and gastrointestinal drug absorption studies. Human Intestine Microsomes...

    S9 Fraction Mixed Gender

    Cat No: #0703HU00

    Kosheeka’s Human Intestinal S9 Fraction (Mixed Gender) is an asset for pharmaceutical research and drug metabolism studies. This S9 fraction, sourced from a diverse mix of male and...