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Blood Derived Stem Cells

Peripheral blood is a unique niche holding a variety of important cells, including a population of mononuclear cells containing stromal cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, embryonic-like cells, etc. along with NK cells, and muse cells. With recent investigations, in particular, muse cells and NK cells present in the peripheral blood have gained special attention due to their wide benefits in research and therapeutic applications. These cells are highly acknowledged for their inherent stress tolerance capacity, ability to repair at the genetic level, and non-tumorigenicity. The cell source is readily accessible, without any invasive procedures and hence, is in high demand.We have standardized technologies to isolate specific cells from the proposed source and are offered in their purified form to be able to use readily for specific applications, either research or therapeutics. Each batch of cells is quality controlled, as per regulatory guidelines for their morphology, growth rate, marker characterization, and microbial contamination. If the product is to be used for therapeutic application, the cell sources are reviewed for infectious markers including HIV 1/2, HCV, HBV, and HTLV 1/2, etc.

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    Peripheral Blood-Derived Muse Cells

    Cat No: #0408HU00

    Human peripheral blood-derived multilineage-differentiating stress-enduring (Muse) cells are a type of adult stem cells that were first identified in human bone marrow and have also been found in...

    Peripheral Blood-Derived NK Cells

    Cat No: #0406HU00

    The natural killer cells are a type of lymphocytes, primarily involved in regulation of the immune system. They are called “Natural” because they don’t require prior activation in...