Human Islet Beta Cells


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Human primary islets beta cells

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Found in the pancreas these cells are responsible for the production of insulin and amylin. These cells are used for drug discovery and research related to diabetes, beta cell replacement, genetic therapies.

Available Formats:

Proliferating: ≥500000 viable cells shipped in appropriate growth medium (T25 Flask).

Cryopreserved: A cryogeneic vial containing ≥500000 cells

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Proliferating, Cryopreserved



Product Category: Homo Sapiens, Human
Product Type: Adherant cells
Drived From: Adult Human Pancreas
Cell Morphology: Cobble stone, flatterned like epithelial cells
Culture and Growth Properties: Anchorage dependent population
Passage No: P2
Mycoplasma: Not Detected
Hepatitis B: Not Detected
Hepatitis C: Not Detected
HIV-1: Not Detected
Bacteria, yeast and other fungi: Not Detected
Positive for: Nkx6.1
Negative for: CD34, 105


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