Human Cytotoxic T cells


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Primary CD8+ Cytotoxic T cells

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Cytotoxic CD8+ cells fulfill the role of regulating and/or carrying out the body’s immune response by attacking and killing the viruses, bacteria and other parasites that have hijacked intracellular machinary. These cells are primarily responsible for apoptosis of infected cells through targeted release of essential effector proteins. These cells are isolated from peripheral blood derived mononuclear cells through negative selection using immunomagnetic cell separation techniques.These cells are primarily used in 3D culture, compound screening, immune function assays.

Available formats: ≥ 2.5 x 106/ ml. cryopreserved in suitable medium


Product Category: Homo Sapiens, Human
Product Type: Non-Adherant suspension cells
Drived From: Peripheral Blood
Cell Morphology: Round, light emiting cells
Culture and Growth Properties: Non-adherent population
Passage No: P0
Mycoplasma: Not Detected
Hepatitis B: Not Detected
Hepatitis C: Not Detected
HIV-1: Not Detected
Bacteria, yeast and other fungi: Not Detected
Positive for: CD 3, CD8, CD 45
Negative for: CD105


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