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Culture of Human Primary Cells

Human primary cells are grown after isolation from specific tissues of human body. These tissue extracts undergo disaggregation by enzymatic process, followed by incubation in optimum grown medium for proliferation and better cell culture viability. Following that, the human primary cells are further purified, sorted, and separated according to the required human primary cell lineage. The culture of human stem cells like mesenchymal stem cells also generally fall under primary cell culture but stem cell cultures require different conditioned medium and feeder layers for metabolic support and


Application of Primary Cell Culture

Personalized Cancer Therapy Using Primary Culture

Drug screening and toxicity evaluation


Primary cell cultures have a wide application in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate drug dosage and toxicity.


In vitro model for Cell Biology research


Primary cell cultures are excellent in vitro models to study cell biology, biochemical assays, 3D tissue cuture and metabolism.


A substitute for animal studies


Primary cells in 3D cell culture models can bypass the ethical regulations of animal experiments.


Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine


Primary cell cultures have extensive applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Advantages of Primary Cells

Closely mimics in vivo conditions


Primary cells closely stimulate biological living model and thus provide significant and high quality results in cell culture experiments

Minimal chromosomal aberrations


The Major disadvantage with established commercial cell line is that after a period, cell characteristics may change and become quite different from that of initial passages. Generally, primary cells not only retain normal physiology but also genetic constitution when propagated in cell culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary cells are derived from one’s body directly upon tissue extraction whereas cell lines are secondary cultures of cells derived from primary cells.

Primary cells retain genetic integrity and closely mimic native body cells in physiology. Therefore, these cells are preferred for 3D cell culture and tissue culture on bioscaffolds.

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