Mouse Origin Plasma Cells

We offer custom isolation of hepatocytes from various mouse strains, meeting your increasing demands with either pooled or single isolation systems, plateable or non-plateable. We also offer pooled subcellular fractions of various mouse strains, including but not limited to CD-1/Balb-C as well as SCID. The subcellular fractions like S9, cytosol and microsomes are collected from different tissues including the liver, intestine, kidney, lungs, and skin.

CD-1 Liver S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Kidney S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Lung S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)
CD-1 Skin S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Intestine S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Liver Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
CD-1 Kidney Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Lung Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Skin Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
CD-1 Intestine Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Liver Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Kidney Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
CD-1 Lung Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Skin Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) CD-1 Intestine Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
Balb-C Liver S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Kidney S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Lung S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)
Balb-C Skin S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Intestine S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Liver Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Balb-C Kidney Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Lung Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Skin Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
Balb-C Intestine Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Liver Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Kidney Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
Balb-C Lung Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Skin Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) Balb-C Intestine Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
SCID Liver S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Kidney S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Lung S9 (Pooled/Single Donor)
SCID Intestine S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Skin S9 (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Liver Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
SCID Kidney Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Skin Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Lung Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor)
SCID Intestine Microsomes (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Liver Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Kidney Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)
SCID Lung Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Skin Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor) SCID Intestine Cytosol (Pooled/Single Donor)