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Advantages with Kosheeka Primary Cells


KOSHEEKA is powered by Advancells: India’s premier regenerative medicine solution provider. Our cell processing and storage unit is ISO 9001:2015 certified and GLP accredited. By developing primary cells with optimized media, we provide more integrated and exceptional results. KOSHEEKA primary cells are very close to the native environment.

Pure population of desired cells

Primary Cells on your demand from a selection of Tissues, Species and/or Diseases.

Very early passage of cells for effective research

Early passage helps achieve more targeted results and can help researchers use cells for few more passages before cell death.

Assurance of high quality and reliability

Primary cells are isolated with defined SOPs, quality checked and proper certificate is issued with release of cells.

Isolation of cells on user demand

Cells are freshly isolated as per the demand of user with their particular organ requirement.

Performance and Quality Control

Cell cultures have become integral for life sciences and there is a constant evolution in the cell basedassays / techniques. Sources of cell lines are important as they not only provide the required cell lines, they form cell line repositories and can provide authenticate information of the cells being supplied.

At KOSHEEKA we develop and maintain preventative and surveillance procedures to guarantee that the cultured cells are highly-characterized, viable, and contaminant-free cell cultures.Cultures are tested and found free of mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi during expansion, at the time of frozen storage, and after recovery of stock for distribution from liquid nitrogen.

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