Human Origin Primary Cell

Human primary cells/stem cells are cells isolated directly from human tissues. With the advancements in cell culture techniques, it is now possible to isolate them in their most potent form and expand them in culture up to 5 to 6 population doublings. Studies have confirmed that the physiological, metabolic, as well as genetic changes resulting due to continuous passage of cell lines, may jeopardize their relevance to source tissue. Contrary to the same, primary cells and stem cells obtained from particular tissue of interest carry the same physiological relevance required for study outcome and hence are preferred

the most currently. Various studies pertaining to drug delivery mechanism, drug kinetics, toxicological analysis, etc. are based on primary cells isolated from tissue of interest. Primary cells/stem cells help in assessments of various biological processes, underlying disease pathophysiology, and drug development.Our ethically sourced wide range of human primary cell portfolio includes fresh and cryopreserved cells. We believe that your research success strongly depends upon partnering with the right cell supplier. We are the right source of primary cell suppliers, who can reduce experimental uncertainty and ensure positive outcomes using qualified cells obtained from ethically sourced tissues of human origin.

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Mesenchymal stem cells from Adipose Tissue Preadipocytes Stromal vascular fraction
Mesenchymal stem cells from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem cells from Peripheral Blood Mesenchymal Stem cells from Cord Blood
Human Umbilical Cord Derived Endothelial Cells CD 34+ cells from Human Umbilical Cord Human Liver Hepatocytes (Plateable/Non-Plateable)
Human Dermal Fibroblasts Human Renal Fibroblasts Human Dermal Epithelial Cells
Human Vaginal Epithelial Cells Human Pancreatic Beta Islets Cells Human Cardiomyocytes
Human Cardiac Fibroblasts Human Lung Alveolar Cells