Human Cancer Cells

The in vitro cell-based assays and studies pertaining to drug delivery system serves to be the backbone of today’s cancer research. With intense scientific development, a wide range of cancer cell lines are made available for various analyses. Although, researchers are still to come up with possible therapeutic solutions for people suffering from cancer; they are facing a lot of challenges in vitro research activities due to the unavailability of relevant cell-based models to the type of tumor, disease progression, and large metabolic diversity.We are committed to providing good-quality cancer models that can transform the

current state of oncogenic research. The models can be helpful in obtaining a better understanding of the spread of cancer metastasis and tumor growth.

The Glioblastoma cells Urinary Bladder Tumor Cells Brain Tumor Cells
Breast Tumor Cells Colorectal Tumor Cells Oesophageal Tumor Cells
Hepatocarcinoma Kidney Tumor Cells HepaRG
Melanoma Ovarian Tumor Cells Prostate Tumor Cells