Female Reproductive System

The uterine endometrium is one of the most dynamic human tissues, comprising renewable glandular epithelium as well as stroma. These two parts of the tissue are being renewed monthly during each menstrual cycle. Apart from the same, these two sources are the niche for many putative cells including endometrial stem cells, germline stem cells, etc. These cells are studied to be responsible for the regeneration of the endometrium for its functional contribution, required for normal pregnancy. Besides, studies have confirmed the existence of certain cancer stem cells in the reproductive tract with indefinite potential for self-renewal, and are observed to be majorly formed due to alternative pathways. Various in vitro and ex vivo studies are currently going on with the help of these cells to understand the key mechanism in the reproductive system, affecting fertility rates or alternative mechanisms leading to cancerous growth. Besides, these cells can also be used as raw material for tissue engineering and the generation of scaffolds. Kosheeka supports the said research by offering authentic primary cells isolated from various tissues of the female reproductive system. These cells are quality controlled for every batch and assessed for morphology, adherence characteristics, and surface marker characterization. The cell sources are also assessed for the absence of infectious panel markers.