Exosomes Isolated From Cancer Cells/Stem Cells

As we all know, cancer has become a major threat to human health currently. Studies have confirmed that the tumor microenvironment plays a key role in cancer progression, metastasis, and relapse. This is generally achieved through internal cellular communication, which is identified to be critical in different pathological processes. Indeed, studies have further shed light on the fact that cancer cells need to cross-talk with each other, other normal cells in the vicinity, and also the immune system to survive, proliferate and metastasize. In this regard, the role of exosomes has been extensively studied to understand their

functional attributes in modifying tumor microenvironments and supporting disease progression. Kosheeka has developed expertise in the isolation of exosomes from a range of tumor cells, which can be offered on demand. Please feel free to fill out the detailed requisition form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

A549-Deriveded Exosomes HCT-116 Derived Exosomes PC-3 Derived Exosomes
LnCap Derived Exosomes hTERT-Derived Exosomes