Custom Cell Solutions

We understand that to cater to the wide demands of cell sciences and technology; and to fulfill this demand, we are serving a wide arena of the portfolio. Our decades of experience and expertise in isolating primary cells from different types of tissues of human as well as animal origin; hence, we are known for our customer-centric approach. You can just tell us your requirements, and we will tailor our services to client-specific needs.


We are known for our customized services

  • Specific growth media for optimized growth, and viability of cells
  • Customized packaging as per requirements
  • Customized serum formulations as per the client’s specific requirements
  • Additional quality control tests as per demands

  • Isolation of human primary cells as per customer-centric requirements, such as matched donor or donor profile requirements.
  • Provision of certificate of analysis with the required information like donor profile specifications, donor consent, etc.
  • Production of large quantities, as per specific time slots as required
  • Additional quality control tests as per requirements/li>

  • Expert advice from our team of scientists at any time as per the convenience
  • Application-based seminars, and webinars for the use of primary cells in different research areas

  • Full traceability of the document, right from donor informed consents, donor eligibility criteria as well as donor profile.
  • Complete professional support for research documentation
If you want to connect with us for all your scientific doubts and research requirements, connect with us through our online query form. You can also email us at or call/WhatsApp directly at +91-9654321400.

Why Kosheeka?

  • We have a team of experienced researchers, which are devoted to providing complete technical assistance, with a customer-centric approach.
  • We have a wide portfolio of bioscience requirements, which is not limited to primary cells, customized media, or serum formulations; but is also extended to different types of cell lines, stem cell lines, and genetically engineered cell lines.
  • We are an ISO-certified company, compliant with 9001:2015; which certifies that our company’s policies, practices, protocols, etc. are compliant, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Cell Services

Kosheeka offers a wide arena of information centers for our global clients. With our establishment of over 10 years, our expertise and experience in cell biology as well as cell culture. Our experience has supported many of our national as well as international clients to recommend protocols, strategies, or troubleshooting solutions to stem cell research, iPSCs. We are equipped to offer a scientific approach and good skills to our client’s online projects. Besides, our laboratory is compliant with GLP/GMP standards to satisfy the client’s procedural demands.

We support your research at every step of development. We are here to make your research experience smoother, faster as well as more effective. Our expert advice has helped our clients to find the right products at right time.

Our team of specialists is helping our clients to help them with:

  • Technical guidance and product information sheet
  • Application support
  • Troubleshooting advice
  • Availability of a wide product portfolio

If you have a query regarding cell culture/research projects/primary cell support, why wait; contact one of our experts today.

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