Stem cells

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Oral tissues and organs are connected functionally in the oral cavity, which is a complex structure. Damage to one of them that is irreversible is more likely to impact the others, leading to widespread malfunction. Oral health is negatively impacted by periodontal disorders, alveolar bone resorption and tooth decay. Dental pulp stem cells have therapeutic […]

Diabetes is a global concern for the healthcare community. It is a chronic metabolic disorder that can either be Type1 (failure to produce enough insulin) or Type2 (inability of the body to use insulin). The exact cause of Type1 Diabetes is still under research and is believed to be an autoimmune disorder with the involvement […]

Applications of Animal Cell Culture

Animal cell culture has been one of the most important tools for biomedical and clinical research. In this article, we discuss 9 applications of animal cell culture: (1) Model Systems (2) Toxicity Testing (3) Cell-Based Manufacturing (4) Drug Screening and Development (5) Cancer Research (6) Virology (7) Genetic Engineering (8) Gene Therapy and (9) Stem […]


Multiples studies are being undertaken for mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in various neurological diseases like autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, etc.

Human Umbilical Cord Blood for Progenitor cell Transplant

Human umbilical cord blood is a rich source of progenitor stem cells for transplantation and certain patients might have advantages with cord blood stem cell transplants instead of the same with bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells. Stem cell transplants can be in the form of autologous transplants or allogenic transplants. Human umbilical cord […]

Mammary Epithelial Cells - Kosheeka

The growth of normal human mammary epithelial cells, including luminal, myoepithelial, and/or basal cells, is tightly controlled. Mammary epithelial cells grow for a finite span and eventually die or undergo senesce. Human, rat, and murine mammary epithelial cell have provided evidence that essential initial steps in mammary carcinoma cell line growth involve the loss of […]


At the time of cell culture experiments, imaging stem cells in real-time can essentially provide crucial information on cell physiology but previously, there was no such technology without the risks of phototoxicity or the use of labeling dye agents. With holotomography technology, it is possible to perform 3D live-cell imaging of the stem cells under […]

Stem Cell Therapy For COVID-19 - Kosheeka

While the world awaits a much-anticipated COVID-19 vaccine to be approved and distributed globally, several treatment options with repurposed drugs and alternative therapies are being sought after against the coronavirus disease. Among these resources, stem cell therapy has become a popular candidate with reports of successful treatment in small cohorts across the world. But do […]

adipose derived stem cells

Accounting for close to 8% of the body’s weight is the skin: that is capable of self-healing and renewal. Wounds are the outcome of damaged tissue structure or sin functions. There are several stages in wound healing:  hemostasis, inflammation, and proliferative and maturity phases that involve a dynamic interplay of growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines. […]

stem cells

Stem Cells For Liver Disease: The number of lives lost due to liver disease across the world is around 2 million every year. Of these, 1 million is accounted for by viral hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma while the remaining 1 million is due to complications associated with cirrhosis. 3.5% of all deaths globally are accounted […]