Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

Bone marrow is recognized to be the chief and the most accessible stem cell source recently. The bone marrow niche is responsible for holding the heterogeneous population of mesenchymal stromal cells, along with cells of hematopoietic origin; in order to offer physical support to their hematopoietic counterparts and also differentiate into different progenitors to guarantee a functional remodeling of the BM niche. More importantly, these stromal cells are also involved in the direct regulation of hematopoietic homeostasis in a paracrine manner through the secretion of different soluble factors. Due to these specific properties, these cells have high demand currently for multiple in vivo, in vitro, and ex vivo assays. Kosheeka is providing cells with the optimum in-house quality control procedures.

The cells are tested for morphological analysis, growth rate potential, adherence rate potential, and surface characterization potential for a comprehensive panel of markers. The cell sources are also assessed for infectious panel markers like HIV-1/2, HBV, HCV and HTLV 1/2, etc.

Dendritic cells

Human bone marrow derived dendritic cells
Cat#: hBM-1205

Dendritic Cells

Primary Bone Marrow Derived Dendritic Cells
Cat#: ratBM-3104

Mesenchymal stem cells

Primary human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells
Cat#: hBM-1203

Mononuclear Cells

Primary human bone marrow derived mononuclear cells
Cat#: hBM-1202

Mononuclear Cells

Rat Primary Bone Marrow Derived Mononuclear Cells
Cat#: ratBM-3102

Muse Cells

Rat Primary Bone Marrow Derived Muse Cells
Cat#: ratBM-3105

Natural Killer cells

Human bone marrow derived natural killer cells
Cat#: hBM-1204

NK Cells

Rat Primary Bone Marrow Derived NK Cells
Cat#: ratBM-3103

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