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3D Cell Culture- Adding Another Dimension to Cell Culture

An in-depth understanding of any biological system requires a well-developed model to mimic the molecular mechanisms and microenvironment closely. Conventional cell culture systems cannot reciprocate tissue organization; hence, extrapolations of such studies could not hold in advanced clinical studies. As observed in many diseases, especially in cancer, many potential drug candidates failed miserably at clinical trials due to inefficient in vitro screening. In this context, three-dimensional (3D) cell culture has already proved to be a reliable method to cross-check outcomes of conventional processes before initiating animal testing and can be potentially used as a bridge between the in vitro and in vivo platforms. Development of microfluidics devices and multiplex cell culture protocols might help replace animal testing altogether to create a human-relevant model.

Presented by Prof. Tuli Dey, UGC-FRP Asst. Prof. at IBB, Pune University. Prof. Dey has earned her doctoral degree from IIT Kharagpur and pursued her post-doc at Friedrich Alexander University, Elangen-Nunberg. With over 30 research publications to her credential, Prof. Dey’s research intertest lies in tumor modelling and cancer biology, with specific focus on cell migration-nano & biomaterial interaction.

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