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3D Culture for Primary Hepatocytes and HepaRG®

Effective biological prediction of human responses to drug exposure is crucial in terms of biomedical and clinical research in the field of drug development and toxicology. Although significant progress has been seen in these domains using in vitro 2D hepatocyte cultures, the approach often fails in translational research due to inadequate understanding of tissue environment physiology and functionality. Thus, 3D cell culture approaches are important in modelling liver tissues as these systems mimic the native in vivo environment and provide a physiologically relevant angle to the research. 3D culture models derived from primary hepatocyte cells or stem cells, exhibit self-organization and organ functionality. Currently, besides using primary hepatocyte culture, researchers are taking up another advanced technology named HepaRG® for its vivid applications in hepatocyte differentiation and cancer research. This Wepredic-patented technology is highly stable and express stem cell properties, thus making it a part of innovative application in 3D cell culture systems.

Presented By Dr. Christophe Chesne, Founder of Wepredic and Eurosafe, France. A Pharmacist by training and an Industrial scientist, developer of in vitro tool; Dr Christophe is a Founder of well-known French company group Wepredic. Even after 20 years in this business, he is still excited for developing and providing research reagents and solutions to a worldwide industrial and academic clientele. Wepredic which was formerly known as Biopredic, is very well known for their patented liver hepatocyte cells Hepa RG. Along with Liver and skin tissue product his organization Eurosafe is a well-established CRO in France.

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